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Cloud Squirrel

What is a cloud squirrel? It is a squirrel that flys.


Member of the Indian Arts and Crafts Association

Cloud Squirrel Creations

Steve is a native of Southern Georgia and an enrolled member of the Lower Muskogee Creeks. He is a member of the Hotvlkvlke (Wind Clan) and is of both Muskogee Creek and Shawnee decent. He has a true passion for traditional dance and can frequently be found participating in southeastern stomp dances and square ground ceremonies. He also travels the southeast performing with Creek Nation Stompdancers at historical sites and national monuments.

Given the name Holoce Ero (which translates in English to Cloud Squirrel), he is committed to the accurate preservation of Creek history, language, stompdances, ceremonial ways, and traditional crafts. He has been an avid student of Indian ways of life, warfare, and weapons and is constantly seeking knowledge from his elders. You will find his items to be rich in tradition and frequently made using the same tools and techniques as his ancestors. He is a registered artist and member of the Indian Arts and Crafts Association.

A few words from Cloud Squirrel:

The journey along the “Red Road” has been such a life changing experience. I would like to give a deep, heartfelt “Muh-do” (Thank you) to all who have shared their fires, wisdom, knowledge, and friendship along the way. It has been a true blessing!

Muh-do to the following people:

  • The late Farron Culley, Creek Nation Oklahoma, Wind Clan
  • The late Dan Hutchinson, Eastern Creek, Tama Tribal Town
  • The late Rosa-lee Lane, Eastern Creek, Tama Tribal Town
  • Saundra and Speedy Harley, Creek Nation Oklahoma
  • Randy & Jeana Gouge, Creek Nation Oklahoma
  • Mike Kendrick, Eastern Creek, Tama Tribal Town
  • Rev. Larry & Merian Johnson, Eastern Creek, Tama Tribal Town
  • Mekko William Baily, Poarch Creek Band
  • Mekko Robert Watson, Black Water Creek
  • Grady Smith, Eastern Creek, shell carver
  • Jay McGirt, Creek Nation Oklahoma
  • Elder Jimmy Sanders, Creek Nation Oklahoma


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women's Regalia, skirt and cape
Example of other Regalia.